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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

BEST OF THE WEB and my plans for holiday #APRIL

Tomorrow after work I am going to London! I will be visiting my friends and I'm sooo happy about it. Finally I am going to be there for more than three days and hope to visit some museums and art galleries, I love it! And of course London = some shopping too ;)

I am going to put my pictures every day on my Instagram profile and write my impressions on Twitter  so if you want to be up-to-date follow me there :-)

As usually at the end of the month I'm sharing some nice articles with you, hope you like it! Some are in Polish but with lots of photos, so I decided to put them here for you anyway, pictures say much more than words.

#1. Worst Polish homes' interiors. A good laugh :-)

#2. Do you happen to sigh while looking at fantastic nature pictures?Do you envy the photographer who could see such beautiful places? Look how such pictures might have been created! Amazing!

#3. A great facebook profile on...Warsaw floors from between-the-wars period!

#4. Something I love - color palettes. This time from movies.

#5. Worst designed products imaginable. Fortunately it's just a fantasy :-)

#6. And what if a city was left with buildings' facades only? Distubing images by French photographer Zacharie Gaudrillot-Roy. Make me think of my city, Gdańsk, after the war. 

#7. The world's best public toilets. There is also Gdańsk's toilet there! How do you like it?  really do, though I haven't peed there yet ;) I'll check it next time I pass there!

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