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Friday, May 9, 2014

Polish contemporary architecture - churches by Stanislaw Niemczyk part 2/2 | IN MY LENS

The third church of Stanisław Niemczyk (more about him and his other churches I wrote in another post) which I saw is the church of the Holy Spirit in Tychy. The church, built in 1982, has a characteristic form referring to ark and to the Polish old wooden churches' architecture. Around the building - as in all Niemczyk's churches - goes a wall, to mark the borders of the saint ground.
It is quite rare for modern churches to have details so meticulously designed. The pavings have Christian symbols carved, there are interesting sculptures in the walls of the church, the water runoff from the roof is precisely thought out, as you can see in my pictures below.

The interior is stunning too, unfortunately I could only peep inside through glass doors. It has the ambiance of an early Christian architecture, with colorful icons painted by famous Jerzy Nowosielski.

The entrance to the tower

Pavements with Christian symbols

The water runoff was carefully designed (pictures above and below)

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