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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Emerald green and brass kitchen of Cameron Diaz | ONE PHOTO SUNDAY

I am so in love in these two colors combined together - emerald green and brass. And I love most of the emerald green interiors. Yes, I know it was color of the year 2013 and I am supposed to like radiant orchid now, but well, I don't ;)

The kitchen belongs to Cameron Diaz and is on Manhattan, New York. It is soo American in style, with these classic style wooden cabinets. The brass counter top is just beautiful. 

szmaragdowa zieleń kuchnia Cameron Diaz kuchnia gwiazdy

source: Elle Decor via

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  1. I Love this! Gorgeous!! These classic style wooden cabinets and the lights look excellent. I really impressed. Thanks for the post here.


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