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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

BEST OF THE WEB by Little Miss Architect #JUNE

cute dachshund heels! ;)

Here they are, new articles on architecture, design, art, interiors from the web. This time - with picture of high heels. In Polish my blog's name's "Architect on High Heels" and the "Best of the Web" posts are called "Heels of the Month". They are much more amusing than spiders' "webs".

 #1. During past month I wrote two posts on neons - here on Neon Museum in Warsaw, and here on neons at home.  Look also at neons' pictures from Las Vegas Neon Museum on Pinterest. Amazing!

#3. In Paris there're always interesting events to see. When I was studying there it was difficult for me to find time to see them all.
The French have a lot of courage in combining modern art with monuments. They don't treat Paris dead serious, have sense of humour and know that cities are to live in. That's how they let Panteon, the church where Napoleon and Maria Skłodowska-Curie are buried, be covered with giantic "selfies" :-)

#4. An interesting topic - IKEA in popculture. The authors of the blog are looking for IKEA furniture in TV shows and movies.

There's another good blog on IKEA, IKEAHACKERS. This one's very famous, it presents alternative ways of using Ikea furniture (like amazing Herringbone Patterned chest-of-drawers or a coffee table from magazine holders).

Recently Ikea wanted to sue the blog's author, Jules, for using their name in the blog's web address. Fortunately, thanks to protests of thousands of fans of Ikeahackers, they changed their mind and...invited Jules to cooperate with Ikea instead.

#6. Delicious juicy color palettes by Japaneese artist Naomi Okubo.

#7. Do you watch "Game of Thrones"? Oh yes, you surely do! I wanted to write a post on its architecture and filming locations but I found out somebody has already done it - and did it very well! This blog's author visited Dubrovnik (Croatia) too look for traces of the Game of Thrones.

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