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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

BEST OF THE WEB by Little Miss Architect #JULY


The end of July has come and with it - the new Best of The Web!

#1. I am proud of a talented Polish designer Katarzyna Konieczka! Her avant-garde, futuristic costume designs are already famous around the world, they have been featured in Vogue several times. She also designed costumes for Lady Gaga video

#2. [ENG] QUIZ - spot the IKEA! In every room in the quiz there is some piece of furniture coming from Ikea. Can you find it?

#3.  An Instagram profile I adore - Doors of New York . Yes, the profile's owner takes pictures of NYC doors ONLY!

p.s. Do you visit my Instagram? :-)

#4. Superfunny/superserious photography project by Piotr Pędziszewski.  Polish comic character - Koziolek Matolek - in Gdansk Shipyard. The Shipyard, as you may know, is the place where in the eighties the workers started to protest against the communist authorities, which several years later lead to the end of communism in all the Eastern Europe. 
This historical place is now neglected and forgotten.

#5. Breathtaking satellite photos. The first picture is showing a Dutch city surrounded with modern-era fortifications. The fortifications coming from the same period are also in my city, Gdańsk!
#6. On this Polish blog Ania prepared a long list of free interior design magazines, mostly in English, available online . If you're into interior design - you'll love it.

#7. What to do with an empty coke bottle? The Coca-Cola company started a campaign "2nd lives" in some Asian countries. Be creative!

#8. Seven international architects were invited to design bus stops for an Austrian village.  The projects look perfect in the mountainous surroundings. I just don't really like Sou Fujimoto's project. It's beautiful but did he ever actually had to wait for the bus in the cold? I think not.

#9. Polish movie posters from the sixties. Very good design indeed.

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