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Friday, August 29, 2014

BEST OF THE WEB by Little Miss Architect #AUGUST


So, it's time for the Best of the Web again! The past month was completely crazy for me, as a cute baby-boy appeared in my life the 4th of September and is consuming all my time :-) I managed however to prepare this new set of great articles for you - enjoy!

#1.  It this art or fake? Check your knowledge :-) I got 100%! yay!!!
(in this Best of the Web there was a similar quiz)

#2. Hipster guinea pig - Booboo - is the cutest animal ever! :-)

#3. A great Instagram profile - Fashion Grandpas. Not only the young can be fashionable and attractive.

#4.  Chairs can be fabulous, right? For all the fans - 100 most famous chairs on Vitra Museum webpage

#5.  Designer hammock bathtub. If it's half as comfortable as my hammock from Peru (I spent 24 hours sleeping, reading, talking, lying on it) it must be great.

 #6. One of the regions' of Poland - Malopolskie Voivoidship's - latest marketing idea is a set of products typical for the region,  wrapped in modern, designer paper and boxes.

#7.  Old barns converted into living spaces. I could look at these pictures over and over again! 

#8. How much a sheet of paper can say? These amazing minimal movie posters designed by Atipo show that it can say a lot! 

#9. Wallpapers and parrots look great together on colorful photos by Claire Rose. 

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