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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

"Porca miseria!" - breathtaking china chandelier by Ingo Maurer | THE WEEKLY WANT

This 19th century Neo-Renaissance interior of Waddeson Manor in England with Ingo Maurer chandelier is simply breathtaking. Ingo Maurer designed the chandelier in 1994. It is made of broken china pieces. Initially it had been called "Zabriskie Point" (after a slow-motion movie scene), but then renamed when some Italians who saw the lamp muttered "Porca Miseria!" in amazement.

For those of you who'd like to have the chandelier I have some pretty bad news -  the Maurer studios only make 10 of theseper year and they cost upwards of £30,000 each. But it's not just an ordinary chandelier - it's already art.

Ingo Maurer, designer lamp, chandelier

Ingo Maurer, designer lamp, chandelier


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