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Thursday, November 6, 2014

BEST OF THE WEB by Little Miss Architect #OCTOBER

Heel-Ducks :) source

With a short delay this month, here it comes - the new Best of the Web :-)

#1. Amazing expanding table. I love the way it looks  "in between" the conversion, it's a pity that  structure is invisible when the table is expanded!

#2. Paris: movies versus reality. The author confronts movie shots and real places of the most beautiful city in the world (just like me  in this article on "Belle" set design, or here about Grand Budapest Hotel).

 #3. 50 famous kitsch chairs. The article is in French but the pictures should say enough. And for those of you who speak French I recommend all the blog, tracing kitsch in contemporary world.

#4. An interesting architecture photography project., created using traditional photography techniques (like multi-exposure).

#5. Spot the difference between the original and fake Eames Lounge Chair! Actually, the difference is huuuuuuge!

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