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Hello, my name is Katarzyna Antończyk. I am an architect and interior design blogger based in Poland. I graduated Architecture and Urban Design at the Technical University of Gdańsk, I also studied architecture in Paris (at L'école Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture Paris Val de Seine). I work in an architecture firm in Sopot, mainly on housing design, and run my own business as an interior designer in Kaan Studio Sopot.
I love travelling (see the pictures below), cooking (+eating!) and taking pictures. I'm interested in art history, design&fashion, I spot beautiful things and places in everyday life. I live in the North of Poland in Gdańsk, at the seaside. I am a licensed guide to my city and - together with my sister - author of children's guidebook  - "Lwi Przewodnik po Gdańsku, Sopocie i Gdyni", where two lion cubes show around Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia.

...and apart from that...

     ...I like vivid colors and patterns, in architecture, fashion and everyday life. There's too much of greys and browns out there, let's play with color!

     ...I reaaaally like animals, and dogs above all. Sometimes I even think - wouldn't it be nice to be a vet? But usually it only lasts a while ;)

     ...a day without coffee? I can't imagine. I love good coffee.

     ...I'm into cinematography and scenography (that's where my movie set designs posts come from), and apart from that I read, read and read...

        ...and the rest of my free time I spend on learning languages. After English and French it's time for Spanish. Russian is next in the line ;)

I am more than happy to answer all your e-mails, feel free to contact to me at